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Proceedings of the 9th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers (1997)

Fredericton, New Brunswick
Complete Proceedings of the 9th Workshop
449 pages (58.6 MB)
Introductory material (pp. i-vii)

Opening Session

Variation of Climate and Streamflow Over the Saint John River Basin Since 1872 (pp. 1-22)
F. K. Hare, R. B. Dickison and S. Ismail

Session 1: Hydropower - Operational Issues

Internet Video Monitoring of Ice Boom Performance (pp. 23-42)
R. Crissman and L. Lalumiere
Lake Winnipeg Regulation - Ice Stabilization Program (pp. 43-54)
H. Zebigniewicz
Operation of Peaking Hydropower Plant in Winter: Estimating Downstream Water Surface Profile and Release Constraints (pp. 55-72)
S. Daly, A. Tuthill and R. McGilvary
Headpond Ice Jams – Where Will They Occur? (pp. 73-88)
D. Judge, S. T. Lavender, R. Carson and S. Ismail

Session 2: River Hydraulics

The Effect of Uncertainty in Ice Roughness of Equilibrium Ice Thickness and Stage (pp. 89-100)
K. White and S. Daly
Fluid Resistance of Rubble Field of Ice (pp. 101-110)
F. Hara, F. Kawai, H. Kinoshita, H. Saeki and H. Yamaguchi
Factors of Influencing Ice Conveyance at River Confluence (pp. 111-124)
R. Ettema, M. Muste and A. Kruger
Breakup Ice Control Structure for the Salmon River in Connecticut (pp. 125-140)
A. Tuthill and K. White

Session 3A: Ice Processes

Field Measurements of Anchor and Frazil Ice (pp. 141-152)
K. Hirayama, K. Terada, M. Sato, K. Hirayama, M. Sasamoto and M. Yamazaki
Anchor Ice Formation and Growth on Gravel Channel Bed (pp. 153-172)
D. Kerr, H. T. Shen and S. Daly
Extreme Frazil and Bottom Ice Formation Causing Ice Problems in a Regulated River (pp. 173-182)
R. Asval

Session 3B: Design Considerations

Design Method to Counter Abrasion of Hydraulic Structures due to Ice Sheet Movements (pp. 183-196)
F. Hara, K. Ohshima, M. Hanada. M. Ujihira, H. Tachibana and H. Saeki
Ice load Measurements on the Lake Erie-Niagara River Ice Boom: 1996-97 (pp. 197-216)
B. Cowper, R. Abdelnour, Y. Gong and R. Crissman
Ice Bridges: Theory and Design (pp. 217-224)
M. S. Troitsky

Session 4: Ice Jams

Effects of Climate on River Ice Breakup and Jamming (pp. 225-244)
S. Beltaos
Experimental Study on the Process of Ice Jam Development (pp. 245-256)
T. Kawai, F. Hara, S. Masaki, A. Nishihata and H. Saeki
Ice Jam Progression on the Upper Saint John River (pp. 257-268)
J. Zufelt, A. Tuthill and J. Stanley

Session 5: Computer Modelling

A Comparison of the ICEJAM and RIVJAM Ice Jam Profile Models (pp. 269-288)
D. Healy, F. Hicks and S. Beltaos
Evolution of the “ICEJAM” Model (pp. 289-302)
R. Carson and J. Groeneveld
Modeling an Ice Jam Release Surge on the Saint John River, New Brunswick (pp. 303-314)
F. Hicks, K. McKay and S. Shabayek

Session 6: Environmental Aspects

Effects of River ice on Bank Morphology and Riparian Vegetation along Peace River Clayhurst to Fort Vermilion (pp. 315-334)
L. Uunila
Trends in River Ice Cover in Atlantic Canada (pp. 335-350)
W. Brimley and C. Freeman
Ice Jam Flood Mechanisms on the Porcupine River at Old Crow, Yukon Territory (pp. 351-370)
M. Jasek

Session 7: Ecology and Biochemistry

Ice Conditions in the Southwest Miramichi River and its Possible Influence on Winter Movement of Post-Spawned Atlantic Salmon (pp. 371-390)
D. Caissie, S. Douthwright, R. Cunjak and B. Burrell
The Limitations Imposed by Winter Ice on Potential Grow-out Sites for the Surf Clam Spisula Solidissima (pp. 391-408)
A. Boghen and A. St-Hilaire
Temporal Variation of Physical Parameters in the Lower Restigouche Estuary, During the Ice-Covered Season (pp. 409-424)
M. Clement, and A. St-Hilaire
Winter Habitat Availability for Salomonids in Newfoundland Streams – A Comparison Between Stream Orders and Habitat Type (pp. 425-440)
D. Scruton, K. Clarke, F. Bowdring and C. Pennell

Poster Session

Influence of ice cover and Sediment Temperature on Intertidal Benthic Inverterates on the Windsor Mudflat, Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy (pp. 441-442)
V. A. Partdidge
Abstract only