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Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers (1988)

Winnipeg, Manitoba
Complete Proceedings of the 5th Workshop
398 pages (103.8 MB)
Introductory material (pp. ii-ix)
Table of Contents (pp. x-xiii)

Session 1: Hydro-Economics and Environmental Issues

A Comparison of 1976 and 1987 Saint John River Ice Jam Flooding with Emphasis on Antecedent Conditions (pp. 43-61)
T. M. Humes and J. Dublin
Ice Jam Flood Frequency and Annual Damages at Dawson City on the Yukon River (pp. 63-83)
P.S. McCreath, G.K. Bowden and C.D. Sellars
Ice Cover Distribution in Vermont and New Hampshire Atlantic Salmon Rearing Streams (pp. 85-96)
D. J. Calkins and B. E. Brockett
Using Historical Data to Determine Flood Risk from Ice Jams (pp. 97-113)
L. Kriwoken and D. Brown
Probability Analysis of Historical Ice Jams Flood Data for a Complex Reach: A Case Study (pp. 115-137)
S. Stanley and R. Gerard

Session 2: Ice Processes and Theory

Effect of Frazil Ice on a 4.9 x 15.2 m Line Array (pp. 139-156)
R. E. Perham
Field Investigation of Frazil Ice Jam in Yellow River (pp. 157-175)
Z. C. Sun and H. T. Shen
A Laboratory Study of Scour Under an Ice Jam (pp. 177-192)
J. L. Wuebben
Transverse Velocities and Ice Jamming Potential in a River Bend (pp. 193-207)
J. E. Zufelt
Ice Jam Development, Release and Surge Wave Propagation, Mackenzie River at Norman Wells (pp. 209-223)
F. E. Parkinson and G. K. Holder

Session 3: Forecasting Breakup and Flooding

Some Thoughts on Breakup and Ice Jams (pp. 225-239)
R. Gerard and G. Flato
Computing Stream Discharge for Periods of Ice Effect Using Index Stations and Correlation Equations (pp. 241-253)
N.B. Melcher
Techniques Used by Water Survey of Canada for Measurement of Streamflow Under Ice Conditions (pp. 255-282)
P. M. Pelletier
Pre-Breakup Changes in River Ice Strength (pp. 283-303)
T. D. Prowse, M. N. Demuth and C. R. Onclin
Breakup Prediction of a Non-Regulated River (pp. 305-325)
D. D. Andres
Statistical Assessment of Ice Jam Formation in Canadian Rivers (pp. 327-344)
S. Sarraf

Session 4: Numerical Modelling

Mathematical Modelling of Ice Jams (pp. 345-367)
S. Petryk
Ice Related Flooding on Harry’s River (pp. 369-391)
J. E. Anderson, L. D. Bungay, S. Beltaos and I. K. Hill
Development of Mathematical Models for the Prediction of River Cooling and the Formation of Frazil Ice and Anchor Ice (pp. 393-416)
G. Tsang
Two-Dimensional Modelling of River Ice Thermal Melting (pp. 417-433)
S. Sarraf, P. R. Plouffe and R. Kahawita
Ice Control with Thermal and Thermal/Bubbler Plumes: Line Source Configuration (pp. 435-445)
R. E. Baddour