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Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers (1984)

Fredericton, New Brunswick
Complete Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop
395 pages (77.1 MB)
Introductory material (pp. iii-xi)
Table of Contents and Opening Remarks (pp. xii-2)

Session A: Estuaries

Winter Ice Regime in the Tidal Estuaries of the Northeastern Portion of the Bay of Fundy, N.B. (pp. 7-38)
C. Desplanque and D. I. Bray

Session B: Breakup

Study of River Ice Breakup Using Hydrometric Station Records (pp. 41-64)
S. Beltaos
Forecasting the Initiation of Ice Breakup on the Nashwaak River, N.B. (pp. 65-93)
P. W. Tang and K. S. Davar
Hydraulics of Breakup (pp. 95-110)
H. S. Santeford and G. R. Alger

Session C: Ice Jams

Case Studies Concerned with Ice Jamming (pp. 113-126)
S. Petryk
Cutting Trenches in the Ice Cover to Prevent Ice Jams (pp. 127-139)
L. Jolicoeur, B. Michel and J. Labbe
Documentation and Analysis of the Water Level Profile though an Ice Jam, Mackenzie River, N.W.T. (pp. 141-157)
G. Rivard, T. Kemp and R. Gerard
Protection Contre les inundations en presence des glaces, Riviere Saint-Charles a Quebec (pp. 159-179)
J. Monfet et A. R. Tremblay
Ice Jam Research Needs (pp. 181-193)
R. Gerard

Session D: Flow Conveyance and Resistance

Iceforms and Floating Loose Covers (pp. 197-209)
S. P. Chee and M. R. Haggag
Coverage Coefficient for Calculating Ice Volume Generated (pp. 211-224)
R. Hausser, J. P. Saucet and F. E. Parkinson

Session E: Modelling

Computer Simulation of Ice Cover Formation in the Upper St. Lawrence River (pp. 227-245)
H. T. Shen and P. D. Yapa
Numerical Simulation of Freeze-Up on the Ottauquechee River (pp. 247-277)
D. J. Calkins
Winter Rating Curves and Ice Volume Limited Water Levels (pp. 279-294)
S. T. Lavender

Session F: General

The Rise Pattern and Velocity of Frazil Ice (pp. 297-316)
J. L. Wuebben
Measurements of Frazil and Drifting Ice in the Lachine Rapids (pp. 317-343)
B. Michel, P. Desroches, J. G. Dussault, F. Fonseca and D. Levan
Anchor Ice Effects on Water Levels in Lake St. Louis, St. Lawrence River at Montreal (pp. 345-370)
F. E. Parkinson
Improved Ice Control with Better Understanding of Thermal Regime of the International Section of the St. Lawrence River (pp. 371-386)
D. Bunte-Bisnett, S. K. Gupta and R. W. Penn
Interaction Between Surface Waves and a Densely Packed Broken Ice Cover (pp. 387-406)
E. P. Foltyn and C. D. Ponce-Campos