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Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers (1982)

Edmonton, Alberta
Complete Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop
333 pages (36.3 MB)
Introductory material (pp. iii-vii)

Session I: Freeze-up Processes

Ottauquechee River – Analysis of Freeze-Up Processes (pp. 2-37)
D. J. Calkins and G. Gooch
Formation of Border Ice in the St. Anne River (pp. 38-61)
B. Michel, N. Marcotte, F. Fonseca and G. Rivard
Hydraulic Roughness of Freeze-up Ice Accumulations: North Saskatchewan River through Edmonton (pp. 62-87)
R. Gerard and D. Andres
Experience with River Ice at the Limestone Site (pp. 88-101)
R. W. Carson
Freeze-Up Observation and Aspects of the Ice Anchor on the Bow River at Calgary (pp. 102-129)
D. D. Andres and G. D. Fonstad

Session II: Frazil

Selected Aspects of Frazil Ice Formation and Ice Cover Development in Turbulent Streams (pp. 131-147)
T. E. Osterkamp and J. P. Gosink
Nucleation and Frazil Production during the Supercooling Period (pp. 148-175)
D. D. Andres
Influence of Turbulence and Temperature on Fazil Ice Formation (pp. 176-195)
R. Ettema, J. F. Kennedy and F. Karim
Formation and Properties of Frazil in Saline Water (pp. 196-220)
T. O’D. Hanley and G. Tsang

Session III: Flow Under Ice Covers

Theoretical Velocity Patterns in Ice Covered Stream Channels (pp. 222-231)
S. P. Chee and M. R. Haggag
Resistance to Flow in Partially Covered Channels (pp. 232-252)
T. C. C. Tang and K. S. Davar
Surges Released by Ice Jams (pp. 253-259)
I. Joliffe and R. Gerard

Session IV: Breakup Processes

Water Temperature Observation during Breakup on the Liard-Mackenzie River System (pp. 261-295)
F. E. Parkinson
Significant River Ice Problems Can Occur Even in Southern British Columbia (pp. 296-302)
P. F. Doyle
Force Measurements and Analysis of River Ice Breakup (pp. 303-318)
D. Deck
River Ice Jams: Theory versus Case Studies (pp. 319-336)
S. Beltaos