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Proceedings of the 19th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers (2017)

Whitehorse, Yukon
Denotes a student paper or poster competition participant.

Session 1: Ice mechanics and thermal properties

Laboratory measurements of frazil ice properties in saline water
C. Schneck, V. McFarlane, M. Loewen
Two-way fluid-structure interaction model of waves propagating in a channel with an ice cover
N. Liu, J. Kells, K-E. Lindenschmidt
Measured Dynamic Response of Ice Roads to Moving Trucks
G. Van Der Vinne, M. Lanteigne, J. Snyder
Numerical modelling of ice processes in a stormwater pond in the City of Edmonton, AB, Canada
A. Oveisy, Y. She, M. Loewen

Session 2: Anchor ice related research

Observations of Anchor Ice Formation and Release at Clark Lake/Split Lake
C. Nguyen, K. Dow, J. Malenchak, M. Morris, and J. Westmacott
Predicting Surface Ice Concentration using Machine Learning
H. Kalke and M. Loewen
Anchor ice effects on the hyporheic environment in a hydropeaking stream
J. Nafziger, T. Chung, Y. She
3D side scan sonar imaging of in-situ anchor ice in the Peace River
J. Evans, M. Jasek, K. Paslawski, P. Kraeutner
Evaluating a Distributed Temperature Sensing System for Anchor-Ice Studies
E. Kempema, R. Ettema

Session 3: Flood risk along small rivers

Ice-Related Floods and Flood Delineation along Streams and Small Rivers
B. Turcotte, K. Alfredsen, S. Beltaos, B.C. Burrell
Mitigation of Freeze-up Related Flooding on a Small Regulated River in Central Yukon
D. Morissette, F. Pearson, D. Andres, R. Gee, M. O’Connor
Ice-Related, Urban Winter Flooding of Flat Creek, Jackson, Wyoming
E. Kempema, B. Remlinger, S.F. Daly, R. Ettema
Flooding Caused by Freezeup on Ship Creek, AK
S.F. Daly, J.S. Rocks, M. Reilly-Collette

Session 4: Flood risk and modelling

River ice hydraulic modeling of the Slave River Delta
F. Zhang, K-E. Lindenschmidt
Exploring flow operation schemes for sustainable ice-jam flood management along the Peace River in western Canada
P. Rokaya, A. Das, K-E. Lindenschmidt
Flood mapping of river ice break up jams in River Kyrönjoki delta
J. Aaltonen, M. Huokuna
Near Real-time Ice-Related Flood Hazard Assessment on the Exploits River, Newfoundland
S. Warren, T. Puestow, M. Richard, A.A. Khan, M. Khayer, K-E. Lindenschmidt

Session 5: River ice monitoring

Monitoring ice processes: Sharing experience to improve successful research programs
B. Turcotte, J. Nafziger, S. Clark, S. Beltaos, M. Jasek, K. Alfredsen, L. Lind, E. Stander
Measurements of frazil ice particles at the onset of supercooling
V. McFarlane and M. Loewen
Oral presentation only
Freeze-up Jam Observations on the Dauphin River
L. Wazney, S.P. Clark, A. Wall
Aerial Monitoring of Vegetation to Identify Ice-related Bank Erosion along the Middle Reach of the Susitna River, Alaska
R. Vandermause, R. Ettema

Session 6: Breakup and ice jam observations and modelling

Using dendrochronology to identify historic ice jams
T.A. Dahl, S.A. Gibson, J.B. Webber
Self-sustaining waves resulting from storage release in prismatic ice-covered channels
S. Beltaos
The Importance of Break-up Front Celerity in the Genesis of a Spring Flood: The 2014 Peace River Ice Jam Flood of the Peace-Athabasca Delta
M. Jasek
Modelling Ice Jam Formation in the Hay River Delta during 2009 Breakup
A. Oveisy, Y. She

Session 7: Climate impacts on river ice processes

Impacts of Climate Warming on River Ice Break-up and Snowmelt Freshet Processes on the Porcupine River in Northern Yukon
J.R. Janowicz
Assessing the impacts of climate change on ice jams along the Athabasca River at Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
A. Das, P. Rokaya, K-E. Lindenschmidt
Evolution of Fast Ice Coverage in James Bay
W. Taha, A. Cueto-Bergner, M. Levasseur, A. Tremblay
Climate and Ice Impacts on Great Slave Lake Levels and Flows in the Mackenzie River, Northwest Territories
R. Andrishak, G. Van Der Vinne

Session 8: Flow regulation and flood mitigation

Ice in Regulated Rivers and Reservoirs
M. Huokuna, M. Morris, S. Beltaos, B.C. Burrell
Incorporating ice effects in environmental flow indices
K. Alfredsen
Modelling probabilities of ice jam flooding from artificial breakup of the Athabasca River ice cover at Fort McMurray
K-E. Lindenschmidt
Ice Boom Design Challenges in a Very Large, High-Latitude, North-Flowing River
R. Abdelnour, E. Abdelnour, E. Robert, J. Malenchak
Groundwater Dewatering Mitigation System for Freeze-up Ice Jams at the Town of Peace River, Alberta
M. Jasek, S. Alloisio, B. Robinson

Session 9: Dam construction and rehabilitation

Numerical Ice Model Studies During the Design and Construction of the Keeyask Generating Station
J. Groeneveld, J. Malenchak, M. Morris
Ice Mitigation Measures Used During the Construction of the Keeyask Generating Station after the Failure of the Ice Boom
M. Morris, J. Malenchak
Modelling the Impacts of Dam Rehabilitation on River Ice Jam: A Case Study on the Matane River, QC, Canada
S. Nolin, P. Pelletier, F. Groux

Session 10: River ice process forecasting

Alaska Pacific River Forecast Center Operations
S. Lindsey, C. Johnson
The River Ice Automated Classifier Tool (RIACT)
T. Puestow, A. Cuff, M. Richard, S. Tolszczuk-Leclerc, J-S. Proulx-Bourque, A. Deschamps, J. van der Sanden, S. Warren
Near Real-Time Monitoring of Ice Break-up in Ontario’s Far North in Support of the Provincial Flood Forecasting and Warning Program
A. Beaton, K. Corston, A. Deschamps, J. Van Der Sanden, S. Tolszuk-Leclrec

Poster Presentations

Investigating Turbulent Flow Characteristics beneath a Simulated Ice Jam Using Particle Image Velocimetry
Baafour Nyantekyi-Kwakye, S. P. Clark, K. Dow, M. F. Tachie
Estimation of Shear Stress Distribution in a Partially-Covered Channel
N. Kimiaghalam, S. Clark, and K. Dow