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Proceedings of the 18th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers (2015)

Quebec City, Quebec
Denotes a student paper or poster competition participant.


Observations of ice jam releases resulting from an incoming water wave
J. Nafziger, Y. She, F. Hicks
The nature and structure of a hanging dam in a gravel-bed river
J. Vergeynst, B. Morse, B. Turcotte
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Field measurements of the size distribution of frazil ice particles
V. McFarlane, M. Loewen, F. Hicks
Mapping River Ice Cover Breakup Induced by Hydropeaking Operations
N. Liu, J. Kells, K-E. Lindenschmidt
Simulation of river ice processes in a regulated ice covered river
S. Ghareh Aghaji Zare, S. Ansari, C.D. Rennie, O. Seidou, J. Groeneveld, R. Ahsan, J. Malenchak, H. Ahmari
Two-dimensional modeling of river ice cover formation during freeze-up
L. Wazney, S.P. Clark, J. Malenchak, H.T. Shen, I. Knack
Impact of ice type on predicted ice load for dams
E. Kharik, V. Roubtsova, B. Morse, M. Fafard, A. Côté, A. Taras
An Experimental Investigation of Turbulent Flow Characteristics Beneath an Ice Jams
H. Pahlavan, S.P. Clark, M. Wang, J. Malenchak
Velocity Distribution Characterization in Channels with Partial Ice Cover
M. Peters, K. Dow, S.P. Clark, D. Danielson, J. Malenchak
Ice Effects on Flow Distributions in the Mackenzie Delta
J. Blackburn, Y. She, F. Hicks, J. Nafziger
Monitoring ice cover characteristics and behaviour along the Slave River
A. Das, T. Chu, K-E. Lindenschmidt
IceFRONT : Integration of radar and optical images for operational river freeze-up monitoring
Y. Gauthier, S. Hardy, C. Gutiérrez, A. Padel, J. Gaudreau, J. Poulin, M. Jasek, M. Bernier, H. Gomez, A. Roth
Ten Years of SWIPS Profiling in the Peace River : Looking Up, Back, Ahead, and, possibliy, Down
J. Buermans, J.R. Marko, D.R. Topham, M. Jasek
2DH numerical simulation of ice dynamic during break up
A. Oveisy, Y.B. Dibike, T.D. Prowse, S. Beltaos, E. Goede
Significance of Javes in Transporting Suspended Sediment during River Ice Breakup
S. Beltaos
Anchor Ice Waves and their Impact on Winter Ice Cover Stability
M. Jasek, H.T. Shen, J. Pan, K. Paslawski
Observations of Anchor Ice Formation and Rafting of Sediments
H. Kalke, M. Loewen, V. McFarlane, M. Jasek
The Principle and Design of Cascade of Ice-Control Structures for Small River – Case Study River Uskelanjoki
O-M. Verta and T. Pohjamo
Ice-induced flooding mitigation at St. Raymond, QC, Canada
B. Turcotte and B. Morse
CRREL's Ice Jam Database : Improvements and Updates
M.L. Carr, S.P. Gaughan, C.R. George, J.G. Mason
Flood Hazard and Risk Delineation of Ice-Related Floods : Present Status and Outlook
B.C. Burrell, M. Huokuna, S. Beltaos, N. Kovachis, B. Turcotte, M. Jasek
Flood frequencies in places prone to ice jams, case city of Tornio
L. Ahopelto, M. Huokuna, J. Aaltonen, J.J. Koskela
Ice jam flood hazard assessment and mapping of the Peace River at the Town of Peace River
K-E. Lindenschmidt, A. Das, P. Rokaya, K. Chun, T. Chu
A Model for Predicting Frazil Ice Flooding on Lower Spencer Creek
S. Gholamreza-Kashi
A Comparison of Fuzzy Logic Models for Breakup Forecasting of the Athabasca River
W. Sun and B. Trevor
River ice breakup forecast and annual risk distribution in a climate change perspective
B. Turcotte and B. Morse
Monitoring the Ice Growth within the scope of the Eastmain-1-A/Sarcelle/Rupert Hydro Power Project Using Ground Penetrating Radar Technology
M. Levasseur and W. Taha
Working Safely on River Ice
R. Andrishak and F. Hicks
Wintertime High Flow Regime in Northern Maine, USA : A Hydroclimatic Diagnostic Study
J-S. Kim and S. Jain
Design and Installation of two Permanent Booms at La Romaine-2 to resist Ice, retain Debris and serve as Safety Booms
E. Abdelnour, R. Abdelnour, G. Comfort, P. Tran
Modelling ice effects on headloss at hydropower intakes
K. Alfredsen
Frazil or Anchor Ice Blockage of Submerged Water Intakes?
E.W. Kempema and R. Ettema


Ice jams, frazil dams and flood risk: tools and methods
Chloé Alassimone and Annie Lagadec
Abstract only
Evolution of hanging dams in the Mitis River, Quebec (Canada)
Johan Bérubé, Thomas Buffin-Bélanger, and Étienne Boucher
Abstract only
Sediment Transport Caused by Ice Processes: A Quantitative Approach
Daniel-Alexandre Bleau, R.W. Jay Lacey, Robert Leconte, and Normand E. Bergeron
Extended abstract
Quantification of under ice cover roughness
Thomas Buffin-Bélanger, Sylvio Demers, and Taylor Olsen
Abstract only
Integrating reservoir ice dynamics in a lumped and conceptual hydrological model
Catherine Guay and Jonathan Roy
Abstract only
Ice Processes in Stormwater Retention Ponds
Jeff Kemp, Mark Loewen and Evan Davies
Extended abstract
Flow structure at an ice-covered river confluence
Nancy Martel, Thomas Buffin-Bélanger, and Pascale Biron
Extended abstract
Designing an Intelligent Infrastructure for River Ice Floods
Brian Morse and Benoit Turcotte
Abstract only
The 2014 Montmorency River spring breakup
Félix Pigeon, Michel Leclerc, Brian Morse and Benoit Turcotte
Extended abstract
Winter Navigation and the Frazil Problematic
François Rousseau and Brian Morse
Abstract only
Preventive Ice Cover Weakening in a Hanging Dam at St. Raymond, QC
Thomas Simard-Robitaille, Brian Morse and Benoit Turcotte
Extended abstract
Environmental Continuum of a watershed during the winter season
Benoit Turcotte, Brian Morse and François Anctil
Abstract only