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Proceedings of the 17th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers (2013)

Edmonton, Alberta
Denotes a student paper or poster competition participant.


Dynamic ice formation processes in two Norwegian rivers - implications for the environment and hydropower (pp. 1-10)
Knut Alfredsen and Morten Stickler
Laboratory Measurements of Frazil Ice Rise Velocity (pp. 11-23)
Vincent McFarlane, Mark Loewen and Faye Hicks
River Kymijoki ice phenomena and water quality (pp. 24-46)
Tom Kokkonen and Matti Leppäranta
Anchor ice cycles: observations from a field study on the Stoke River (pp. 47-54)
Philippe Tremblay, Robert Leconte, R.W. Jay Lacey and Normand Bergeron
Ice breakup in small Norwegian streams (pp. 55-72)
Siv Heggen and Knut Alfredsen
Formation and inner structure of ice dams in steep channels (pp. 73-93)
Mathieu Dubé, Benoit Turcotte, Brian Morse and Edward Stander
Climate change impact on the river ice regime in a Norwegian regulated river (pp. 94-109)
Netra Timalsina, Solomon Gebre and Knut Alfredsen
ADV measurements of flow field around bridge abutment under ice cover (pp. 110-124)
Peng Wu, Faye Hirshfield and Jueyi Sui
Measuring supercooling prevalence on small regulated and unregulated streams in New Brunswick and Newfoundland, Canada (pp. 125-147)
Jennifer Nafziger, Faye Hicks, Paula Thoms, Vincent McFarlane, Janelle Banack, and Richard Cunjak
Laboratory measurements of acoustic backscattering from pseudo-ice particles (pp. 148-165)
J.R. Marko and D.R. Topham
Level increase due to the presence of a hanging dam during early spring floods (pp. 166-179)
Isabelle Thériault and Wael Taha
Monitoring and modelling ice cover formation on highly flooded and hydraulically altered lake-river systems (pp. 180-201)
Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt, Maurice Sydor, Joost van der Sanden, Eric Blais and Rick Carson
Analyses of 2011-2012 four-frequency Peace River AZFP data (pp. 202-228)
M. Jasek, J.R. Marko and D.R.Topham
Monitoring of freeze-up on the Peace River at the Vermilion Rapids using RADARSAT-2 SAR data (pp. 229-257)
Martin Jasek, Yves Gauthier, Jimmy Poulin and Monique Bernier
Repeat pass InSAR observations of river and lake ice cover; A preliminary evaluation of information content (pp. 258-271)
Joost van der Sanden, H. Drouin and Y. Bian
Laboratory measurement of ice sheet creep and recovery under varying loads (pp. 272-283)
Gary Van Der Vinne, Darren Shepherd and Tadros Ghobrial
Anchor ice and wedge-wire screens (pp. 284-298)
Edward Kempema and Rob Ettema
Experimental and numerical studies on the motion of river ice floes driven by a dispersive wave train (pp. 299-311)
Takaaki Abe, Yasuhiro Yoshikawa and Akashi Itoh
Winter flow testing of the Upper Qu'Appelle River (pp. 312-328)
Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt and John-Mark Davies
Ice thickness prediction: a comparison of various practical approaches (pp. 329-342)
George Comfort and Razek Abdelnour
Monitoring suspended sediment under ice using acoustic instruments: presentation of measurements made during breakup (pp. 343-354)
S. A. Moore, S. Ghareh Aghaji Zare, C. D. Rennie, H. Ahmari and O. Seidou
Albany River 2008 ice break-up: forecasting the flood event, observations of the river during the spring break-up and the potential for mitigating the flooding risk of the Kashechewan and Fort Albany first nation (pp. 355-370)
Razek Abdelnour
Ice Jam mitigation at the St. Félicien Zoo (pp. 371-394)
Benoit Turcotte and Brian Morse
Ice jam flood risk forecasting at the Kashechewan FN community on the North Albany River (pp. 395-414)
J. K. E. Shaw, S. T. Lavender, D. Stephen and K. Jamieson
Applying HEC-RAS to simulate river ice jams: snags and practical hints (pp. 415-430)
Spyros Beltaos and Patrick Tang


Winter ice processes of the Kananaskis River, Alberta (pp. 431-433)
Stefan Emmer, Jennifer Nafziger, Vincent McFarlane, Mark Loewen and Faye Hicks
Effects of river ice jams on the floodplain storage characteristics of the Mackenzie Delta (pp. 434-436)
C. French, J. Nafziger, J. Banack, E. Davies, F. Hicks, M. Russell, P.Marsh and L. Lesack
Effects of ice formation in streams and rivers on riparian vegetation
Lovisa Lind and Christer Nilsson
Abstract not available