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Proceedings of the 12th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers (2003)

Edmonton, Alberta

Session 1: Frazil Ice

Making Frazil Ice in a Large Tank
R. Ettema and Z. Chen
A model for the vertical distribution of frazil ice
S.Q. Ye and J.C. Doering

Session 2: Remote Sensing

River Ice Delineation with RADARSAT SAR
B. T. Tracy and S. F. Daly
Ice Thickness and Roughness Analysis on the Peace River using RADARSAT-1 SAR Imagery
M. Jasek, F. Weber and J. Hurley
Monitoring Breakup Development on the Athabasca River using RADARSAT-1 SAR Imagery
K. Pelletier, F. Hicks, J. van der Sanden and Y. Du

Session 3: Ice and Structures

Hydraulic Interaction Between Ice and Bridges
S. Beltaos, B. Burrell, L. Miller and D. Sullivan
Ice Control Structures using steel nets
B. Morse, J. Francoeur, H. Delcourt and M. Leclerc
Winter Roads in Manitoba
D. Kuryk
In-Situ Deflection Measuments of Ice Bridges: Results and Implications on Design
G. Van Der Vinne and D. Andres

Session 4: Special Topics

Hydraulics and Sediment Transport of a Proposed Ice Control Structure
A. L. Briggs
The Friction Coefficient of a Large Ice Block on a Sand/Gravel Beach
A. Barker and G. Timco
Saftey during River Ice Data Collection
M. Jasek and J. Lavalley

Session 5: Forecasting and Monitoring

Ice-Affected Stage Frequency Development Along the Connecticut River
A.M. Tuthill, C.M. Vuyovich and K.D. White
Towards a River Breakup Forecast System for the Athabasca River at Fort McMurray, AB
C. Mahabir, F. Hicks, C. Robichaud, and A. Robinson Fayek
1100 Years of Ice-jam Flooding in the Peace River Delta Interpreted from Flood Bed Sediments and Ice-scarred Trees
D. G. Smith
Winter Hydrometry: Real-time data issues
S. Hamilton

Session 6: Numerical Modelling

Modeling river ice with HEC-RAS
S. F. Daly and C. M. Vuyovich
Tests of River Ice Jam Models – Phase 2
R.W. Carson, D. Healy, S. Beltaos, J. Groeneveld
Recent Advances in Discrete Element Modeling of River Ice
M. Hopkins and S. F. Daly

Session 7: Dynamic Ice Processes

Ice Consolidation on the Peace River: Release Patterns and Downstream Surge Characteristics
D. Andres, G. Van Der Vinne, B. Johnson, G. Fonstad
Threshold Condition Between Mechanical and Thermal Breakup
S. Beltaos
Ice jam release and break-up front propagation
M. Jasek
Observations of Dynamic Ice Jam Release on the Athabasca River at Fort McMurray, AB
T. Kowalczyk and F. Hicks