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Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers (1980)

Burlington, Ontario
Table of Contents (pp. i-iii)
Introductory material (pp. iv-6)

Session A: Complete and Partial Ice Cover

Flow in Ice Covered Channels: Some Fundamentals (pp. 8-22)
R. Gerard
Investigation of the Resistance Coefficient for the Underside of Ice Covers (pp. 23-33)
S. P. Chee and M. R. Haggag
Conveyance Capacity with Ice Cover for the Nashwaak River, N.B. (pp. 34-56)
B. Burrell and K. S. Davar
Resistance of Beauharnois Canal in Winter (pp. 57-78)
G. Tsang
Hydraulic Resistance of the Ice Cover in the International Rapids Section of the St. Lawrence River (pp. 79-93)
D. F. Witherspoon
Analysis of Velocity Profiles Under Ice in Shallow Streams (pp. 94-111)
D. J. Calkins, D. Deck and C. Martinson
A Discharge/Water Level Relationship for Ice Cover Stability (pp. 112-120)
R. K. Carson and S. T. Lavender

Session B: Ice Jams

Characteristics of Flow Below a Rough Floating Cover (pp. 122-142)
M. Gogus and J. C. Tatinclaux
The Breakup Process and the Documentation of the 1978 Ice Jams on the Athabasca River at Fort McMurray (pp. 143-161)
D. D. Andres
Observation and Analysis of Freeze Up Jams on the Peace River near Taylor (pp. 162-181)
T. Keenhan, U. S. Panu and V. C. Kartha
On River Ice Hydraulics: Discussion Paper (pp. 182-190)
B. Michel

Session C: Frazil Ice and Hanging Dams

Hydraulics Resistance Generated by Frazil Ice Formation (An Extended Abstract) (pp. 192-194)
J. P. Gosink and T. E. Osterkamp
Abstract only
Hanging Dams in the Manitoba Hydro System (pp. 195-208)
H. R. Hopper and R. R. Raban
Analysis of the Hydraulic and Ice Conditions at Terrebonne in Relation with Winter and Spring Floods (pp. 209-226)
P. R. Tremblay and D. Thibeault
Harnessing Frazil Ice (pp. 227-237)
R. E. Perham
Acoustic Detection of Frazil Formation (pp. 238-241)
T. O’D. Hanley and S. Ramachandra Rao

Session D: Modelling

Limitations to Numerical Modeling of Ice in Rivers (pp. 243-262)
F. Clement and S. Petryk
Recent Improvements in Numerical Modeling of River Ice (pp. 263-280)
S. Petryk, U. Panu and F. Clement
Evaluation of Ice Jam Roughness, Thames River, Ontario (pp. 281-294)
W. L. Knowles and D. B. Hodgins

Session E: Wrap-up

Summary material (pp. 296-301)
Summary comments on Session C not available at time of press