8th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers

Kamloops, British Columbia -1995



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Introductory material

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Session 1 – Freeze-up Processes


An Analysis of Events Leading to the February 1992 Flooding of the Town of Peace River, Alberta

H. Assaf, L. Parmley, A. Chan-McLeod and P. Galvagno (pp. 1-21)

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Hydrologic Response to Freeze-up on Large Northern Rivers (Case study)

F.M. Conly and T.D. Prowse (pp. 23-42)

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The Effects of Hydropower Peaking Operations on the Thickness of Ice Accumulations

J. Zufelt (pp. 43-57)

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Frazil Generation and Ice Floe Formation on a Regulated River

D. Andres (pp. 59-75)

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Anchor Ice Growths in Channels

L. Hammar and H.T. Shen (pp. 77-92)

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Session 2 – Winter Fish Habitat


Winter Habitat Use and Related Constraints to Production of Interior B.C. Salmonids

W.O. Rublee, H. Goldberg and D.B. Gamble (pp. 93-119)

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Environmental Review of Ice Management Operations on the Rideau River in Ottawa

B.A. Reid, L.W. Torrens and D.B. Hodgins (pp. 121-142)

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Use of Radiotelemetry to Evaluate Overwintering of landlocked Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) in Relation to Hydroelectric Developments in Newfoundland, Canada

D.A. Scruton, L.J. LeDrew and R.S. McKinley (pp. 143-158)

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Session 3 – Ice Hydraulics


Under-Ice Hydraulics and Mixing in Regulated Peace River

C.R. Neill, E.K. Yaremko, P.G. Van Der Vinne and D.D. Andres (pp. 159-185)

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A Method for Calculating Flow Resistance in Ice-Covered Alluvial Channels

B.T. Smith and R. Ettema (pp. 187-206)

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Ice Jam Flooding near the Confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers

J.L. Wuebben (pp. 207-224)

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Session 4 – Effects of Regulation of Ice Regimes


An Ice Engineering Overview

R. Raban (pp. 225-232)

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Marine Radar Monitoring of Niagara River Ice Conditions

R.D. Crissman (pp. 233-250)

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Effect of River Regulations on Winter Environment Experience from Iceland

S. Freysteinsson (pp. 251-258)

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Assessing the Effects of Alternative Project Operation on Upsteam Ice Conditions: Aroostook River at Fort Fairfield, Maine

K.D. White and S.E. Acone (pp. 259-274)

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Norwegian Experiences with Environmental Problems by Ice, Specially Connected to Regulations

R.P. Asvall (pp. 275-284)

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Session 5:  Winter Water Quality


Snow Dumping Site Using Riverbanks and their Influence on the Environment of Rivers

H. Tachibana, F. Hara, H. Saeki and M.  (pp. 285-302)

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Stream Water Chemistry during Winter in the Yukon Territory

P.H. Whitfield, W.G. Whitley and N. Wade (pp. 303-330)

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Research on Solid Particles in River Ice

H. Tachibana, F. Hara, H. Saeki and M. Abe (pp. 331-348)

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Session 6:  Ice Management


Conditions of Arching at Bridge Piers due to Ice Sheets

F. Hara, A. Hirano, M. Hanada, H. Saeki (pp. 349-364)

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Design Alternatives for the Lake Erie-Niagara River Ice Boom

R.D. Crissman, R. Abdelnour and H. T. Shen (pp. 365-396)

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Chaudiere River – Existing Ice Jam Conditions and Possible Mitigation Measures

S. Petryk, P.R. Trembley, and J. Lacroix (pp. 397-420)

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Ice Jam Simulation in Rivers with Islands

M. Jasek (pp. 421-442)

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Session 7:  Breakup


Results of Field Surveys on the Break-up of Ice in the Teshio River

F. Hara, Y. Takahashi, T. Kaneto, H. Saeki and H. Yamaguchi (pp. 443-462)

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Breakup Forecasting

S. Beltaos (pp. 463-482)

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Breakup Forecasting on the Mackenzie River at the Fort Providence Ferry Crossing, NWT

F.E. Hicks, C. Wei, and D.D. Andres (pp. 483-502)

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Ice Study on the Yukon River at Whitehorse

A. Breland (pp. 503-522)

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Appendix:  A Special Committee Report


Research Needs on River Ice Processes Related to Hydro-electric Installations

S. Petryk, R. Raban, N. Marcotte (pp. 523-543)

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