6th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers

Ottawa, Ontario - 1991



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Introductory material (pp. iv-xii)

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Session A – Presentation of the Comprehensive Numerical River Ice Model “RIVICE”


Global Design of the Numerical River Ice Model “RIVICE”

S. Petryk, R. Saade, M. Sydor and S. Beltaos (pp. 3-23)

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Hydraulic Module of “RIVICE”

P. Ko, G. Holder and M. Sydor (pp. 26-34)

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Design of Heat Balance, Ice Generation and “COVER” Modules

G. Holder and R. Saade (pp. 35-52)

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Design of Ice Cover Evolution Modules for “RIVICE”

R. Carson (pp. 53-69)

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Description of Test Bases of the “RIVICE” Model

S. Petryk, M. Sydor, B. Korbaylo, T. Quach, R. Carson and G. Holder (pp. 71-87)

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Session B – Ice Processes and Formulations


Critical Physical Processes in the Numerical Modeling of River Ice

B. Michel (pp. 92-112)

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Flow Surge Compuation of Dynamic River Breakup

M.G. Ferrick and S.T. Hunnewell (pp. 113-141)

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Pressure Distribution on and Underturning Ice Flow

B. Coutermarsh and W.R. McGilvary (pp. 143-163)

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Profile Properties of Deterioration Columnar Ice: Implications for Modelling Ice-Cover Flexure Failure

M.N. Demuth and T.D. Prowse (pp. 165-182)

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Session C – Heat Transfer and Frazil Ice


Numerical Reproduction of Experimental Ice Cover Melting

R.Saade and S. Sarraf (pp. 185-200)

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A Mathematical Model for Frazil Ice Evolution and Transport in Channels

L. Hammar and H.T. Shen (pp. 201-216)

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A New Generation of Frazil Ice Field Measurements

A.M. Dean and P. Desroches (pp. 218-242)

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Session D – Evaluation of Ice Jams


“RIVJAM” Applications on the Miramichi River

G. Snyder, K. Davar, J. Arisz and S. Beltaos (pp. 246-267)

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Remote Measurement of Ice Jam Thickness

J.S. Ford, S. Beltaos, W.J. Moody and N. Madsen (pp. 270-296)

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Automatic Analysis of Flow Size Distribution During an Ice Run

P.L. Bjerke (pp. 298-312)

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Session E – Case Studies


A Strategy for Studying Ice Jamming on the Upper Niagara River

R.D. Crissman, R. Gerard. R. Ettema and D. Andes (pp. 315-335)

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Ice Conditions on the St. Mary’s River, Michigan from February to Breakup, 1967 to 1991

L.W. Gatto (pp. 337-353)

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Ice Studies and Concept Design of an Offshore Water Intake

G. Comfort, K. Pullerits and R. Abdelnour (pp. 355-375)

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The Finnish River Ice Model in Use

M. Maunula and M. Huokuna (pp. 377-396)

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