4th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers

Montreal, Quebec - 1986



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Introductory material (pp. iii-iv)

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Table of Contents and opening remarks (v-viii)

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Session A – Opening


Lake Erie Ice: Researcher’s Dream, Designer’s Nightmare

D.M. Foulds (pp. A-1.1 – A-1.23)

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Session B – Ice Instrumentation and Observations


Hot-Wire and Conductivity Type Gauges for Determination of Thickness of Arctic Fresh Water Ice

D.A. Sherstone, H. Gross and T. Prowse (pp. B-1.1 – B-1.27)

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Mapping River Ice Conditions Using Videographic Techniques

S.F. Daly, K.L. Carey, L. Gatto, V.H. Anderson and R. Arend (pp. B-2.1 – B-2.14)

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Frazil Ice Recorder Test

J.S. Ford and N. Madsen (pp. B-3.1 – B-3.19)

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Programmation de campagnes d’auscultation sur les cours d’eau nordiques

J-M. Tanguy and A.R. Tremblay (pp. B-4.1 – B-4.18)

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Evaluating Frazil Ice Accumulation in Rivers and Streams: A Case Study

A.M. Dean, Jr. (pp. B-5.1 – B-5.3)

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Aerial Photographic Interpretation of River Ice

T.L. Erb (pp. B-6.1 – B-6.15)

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Session C – Breakup and Ice Jams


Simulation d’un barrage suspendu sur la riviere Chaudiere en amont de Saint-Georges de Beauce

J.M. Tanguy et A.R. Tremblay (pp. C-2.1 – C-2.20)

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Calculations of Ice Jam Thickness Profiles

G. Flato and R. Gerard (pp. C-3.1 – C-3.25)

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Unconsolidated Floating Covers

S.P. Chee and M.R. Haggag (pp. C-5.1 – C-5.16)

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Session D – Breakup and Ice Jams and Environmental Aspects


Forecasting Ice Cover Progression at Salmon River, Idaho

J.E. Zufelt (pp. D-2.1 – D-2.16)

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Management of River Ice Covers for Outdoor Activities

L. Jolicoeur, L.A. Gagnon and C. Vincent (pp. D-3.1 – D-3.12)

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River Ice and Salmonids

M. Walsh, D. Calkins (pp. D-4.1 – D-4.25)

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Session E – Thermal Regime


The Response of Rippled Ice Surfaces to Variable Water Discharge

J.L. Wuebben (pp. E-1.1 – E-1.16)

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Generation, evolution et fonte thermique des couverts lacustres

J.M. Tanguy, P. Shoiry and B. Michel (pp. E-2.1 – E-2.17)

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Simulation mathematique d’un rejet thermique sous une couverture de glace

M. Megzhari, R. Kahawita and S. Sarraf (pp. E-3.1 – E-3.17)

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Session F – Ice Control


Mesure de protection contre les inundations en presence des glaces sur la riviere du Nord a Saint-Andre-Est

P. Larouche and J.M. Tanguy (pp. F-1.1 – F-1.21)

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Laboratory and Field Tests of a Wire Mesh Frazil Collector

E.P. Foltyn (pp. F-2.1 – F-2.15)

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Ice Management at Beauharnois

S. Robert, R. Brochu and A. Robitaille (pp. F-3.1 – F-3.20)

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Natural Regulation of the Great Lakes by Ice Jams: A Case Study

J.A. Dericki and F.H. Quinn (pp. F-4.1 – F-4.24)

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Session G – Ice Aspects Related to a Hydro Complex with an Upstream Free Surface Flow


Nouvelle approche dans la conception d’un amenagement hydroelectrique fonctionnant avec bief amont a surface libre:  historique, cheminement et validation

D. LeVan and B. Michel (pp. G-1.1 – G-1.32)

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Thin Ice Sheet Generation on Cold Water

F.E. Parkinson and R. Hausser (pp. G-3.1 – G-3.14)

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Conditions naturelles des glaces a l’amont et a l’aval des rapides de Lachine

B. Michel, F. Fonseca and P. Desroches (pp. G-4.1 – G-4.24)

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Problematique d’amenagement et criteres de conception du project Archipel

B.Michel, F. Fonseca and S. Petryk (pp. G-5.1 – G-5.14)

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Session H


Modele mathematique River – application au fleuve Saint-Laurent a Montreal

J.P. Saucet and G.K. Holder (pp. H-1.1 – H-1.19)

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Criteria and Laws of Formation and Growth of Various Ice Types in the St. Lawrence River, near Montreal

G. Rivard, B. Michel and F. Fonseca (pp. H-2.1 – H-2.15)

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Modelisation physique des conditions de glace et conception des ouvrages du point de vue des glaces

J.P. Fau and S. Leclerc (pp. H-3.1 – H-3.33)

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Management of Moving Ice

S. Petryk and R.J. Silver (pp. H-4.1 – H-4.12)

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