17th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers

Edmonton, Alberta | 2013

♦ Denotes student paper competition or poster


Laboratory Measurements of Frazil Ice Rise Velocity
Vincent McFarlane, Mark Loewen and Faye Hicks (pp. 11-23)
River Kymijoki ice phenomena and water quality
Tom Kokkonen and Matti Leppäranta (pp. 24-46)
Anchor ice cycles: observations from a field study on the Stoke River
Philippe Tremblay, Robert Leconte, R.W. Jay Lacey and Normand Bergeron (pp. 47-54)
Ice breakup in small Norwegian streams
Siv Heggen and Knut Alfredsen (pp. 55-72)
Formation and inner structure of ice dams in steep channels
Mathieu Dubé, Benoit Turcotte, Brian Morse and Edward Stander (pp. 73-93)
Climate change impact on the river ice regime in a Norwegian regulated river
Netra Timalsina, Solomon Gebre and Knut Alfredsen (pp. 94-109)
ADV measurements of flow field around bridge abutment under ice cover
Peng Wu, Faye Hirshfield and Jueyi Sui (pp. 110-124)
Measuring supercooling prevalence on small regulated and unregulated streams in New Brunswick and Newfoundland, Canada
Jennifer Nafziger, Faye Hicks, Paula Thoms, Vincent McFarlane, Janelle Banack, and Richard Cunjak (pp. 125-147)
Monitoring and modelling ice cover formation on highly flooded and hydraulically altered lake-river systems
Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt, Maurice Sydor, Joost van der Sanden, Eric Blais and Rick Carson (pp. 180-201)
Analyses of 2011-2012 four-frequency Peace River AZFP data
M. Jasek, J.R. Marko and D.R.Topham (pp. 202-228)
Monitoring of freeze-up on the Peace River at the Vermilion Rapids using RADARSAT-2 SAR data
Martin Jasek, Yves Gauthier, Jimmy Poulin and Monique Bernier (pp. 229-257)
Laboratory measurement of ice sheet creep and recovery under varying loads
Gary Van Der Vinne, Darren Shepherd and Tadros Ghobrial (pp. 272-283)
Anchor ice and wedge-wire screens
Edward Kempema and Rob Ettema (pp. 284-298)
Winter flow testing of the Upper Qu'Appelle River
Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt and John-Mark Davies (pp. 312-328)
Ice thickness prediction: a comparison of various practical approaches
George Comfort and Razek Abdelnour (pp. 329-342)
Monitoring suspended sediment under ice using acoustic instruments: presentation of measurements made during breakup
S. A. Moore, S. Ghareh Aghaji Zare, C. D. Rennie, H. Ahmari and O. Seidou (pp. 343-354)
Ice Jam mitigation at the St. Félicien Zoo
Benoit Turcotte and Brian Morse (pp. 371-394)
Ice jam flood risk forecasting at the Kashechewan FN community on the North Albany River
J. K. E. Shaw, S. T. Lavender, D. Stephen and K. Jamieson (pp. 395-414)


Winter ice processes of the Kananaskis River, Alberta
Stefan Emmer, Jennifer Nafziger, Vincent McFarlane, Mark Loewen and Faye Hicks (pp. 431-433)
Effects of river ice jams on the floodplain storage characteristics of the Mackenzie Delta
C. French, J. Nafziger, J. Banack, E. Davies, F. Hicks, M. Russell, P.Marsh and L. Lesack (pp. 434-436)
Effects of ice formation in streams and rivers on riparian vegetation
Lovisa Lind and Christer Nilsson
Abstract not available