16th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers

Winnipeg, Manitoba | 2011


Investigation of river ice regimes in some Norwegian water courses
Solomon B. Gebre and Knut T. Alfredsen (pp. 1-20)
Hydraulic experiment on river ice floes transport due to bore tsunami run-up
Takaaki ABE, Yasuhiro YOSHIKAWA, Hiroyasu YASUDA, and Yasuyuki HIRAI (pp. 33-44)
Study of Freeze-up Ice Characteristics on the North Saskatchewan River
J. Maxwell, F. Hicks, and M. Loewen (pp. 68-84)
Steep channels freezeup processes
Benoit Turcotte, Brian Morse, and François Anctil (pp. 85-101)
Freeze-up, breakup, and winter ice observations on four small regulated and unregulated streams in Newfoundland, Canada
Jennifer Nafziger, Janelle Morley, Faye Hicks, Tommi Linnansaari, Aaron Fraser, Curtis Pennell, and Richard Cunjak (pp. 102-134)
Modelling Ice Formation on the Red River near Netley Cut
Melissa Haresign and Shawn Clark (pp. 147-160)
Modeling of Anchor Ice and Aufeis Formation at Sundance Rapids
Jarrod Malenchak, John Doering, and Hung Tao Shen (pp. 161-178)
Characterising river ice along the Lower Red River using RADARSAT-2 imagery
Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt, J.J. van der Sanden, Allyson Demski, Hugo Drouin, and Torsten Geldsetzer (pp. 198-213)
Preliminary development of a geospatial model to estimate a river channel’s predisposition to ice jams
S. De Munck, Y. Gauthier, M. Bernier, J. Poulin, and K. Chokmani (pp. 214-224)
Winter Population Dynamics of the Intertidal Amphipod Corophium volutator in the Bay of Fundy
Kelan Kennedy, Myriam A. Barbeau, and David Drolet (pp. 225-237)
Movement of drift ice as a vector for transport of sediment and invertebrates on intertidal mudflats of the Bay of Fundy
Colin B. Macfarlane, David Drolet, Myriam A. Barbeau, Diana J. Hamilton, and Jeff Ollerhead (pp. 238-248)
Comparison of CRISSP modeled and SWIPS measured ice concentrations on the Peace River
Martin Jasek, Tadros Ghobrial, Mark Loewen, and Faye Hicks (pp. 249-273)
Gerard Medal winner
Ice jam modelling of the Red River in Winnipeg
Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt, Maurice Sydor, Rick Carson, and Robert Harrison (pp. 274-290)
Stress and Strain dynamics in a hydro-electric reservoir ice sheet
Brian Morse, Edward Stander, Alain Côté, Martin Richard, and Vincent Desmet (pp. 303-316)
Measurements of Ice Thrust at Arnprior and Barrett Chute Dams
André Taras, Alain Côté, Georges Comfort, Laurent Thériault, Brian Morse (pp. 317-328)
Applying GPR in Assessing the Ice Bridges, Ice Roads and Ice Platforms
Samuel A. Proskin, Neil S. Parry, and Patrick Finlay (pp. 341-354)
Lower Spencer Creek Frazil Ice Flooding: A Case Study
Soheil Gholamreza-Kashi and Hugh Nelson (pp. 375-387)
Dam Removal Ice Hydraulic Analysis and Ice Control Alternatives
M. L. Carr, A. M. Tuthill, and C. M. Vuyovich (pp. 388-399)
Comparative Testing of Border Ice Growth Prediction Methods
Melissa Haresign, J. Scott Toews, and Shawn Clark (pp. 400-413)


Modelling the Effects of Ice on Flow Distributions in the Mackenzie Delta
J. Morley, J. Nafziger, F. Hicks, P. Marsh, L. Lesack, S. Beltaos, J.J. van der Sanden, and T. Carter (pp. 414-416)
Observations of Dynamic Ice Processes in a Channel Network
Jennifer Nafziger, Faye Hicks, Joshua Maxwell, and Janelle Morley (pp. 417-419)
Simulation of Hydropower Impact on Ice
Netra Prasad Timalsina, Knut Alfredsen (pp. 420)
The STSE North Hydrology Project - Basin scale river ice characterization
Yves Gauthier, Monique Bernier, and Claude Duguay (pp. 421)