14th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers

Québec City (Québec) | 2007

Session 1 - Ice Jams: Risks, Impacts, and Mitigation

Analyse de risqué d’inondation par embâcle á Châteauguay
M. Leclerc, P. Boudreau, F. Morneau, Y. Secretan et T. Ouarda
Ice Jam in Pori
M. Huokuna

Session 2 - St. Lawrence River and Estuary

Session 3 - Measurements and Monitoring I

Estimation of River Ice Thickness Using Artificial Neural Networks
K. Chokmani, B. Khalil, T. Ouarda and R. Bourdages
A controlled experiment to retrieve river ice characteristics from an FMCW radar system
R. Leconte, S. Daly, Y. Gauthier, N. Yankielun, F. Bérubé and M. Bernier
Quantitative validation of RADARSAT river ice maps
H. Drouin, Y. Gauthier, M. Bernier, M. Jasek, O. Penner and F. Weber
Using the FRAZIL system in support of winter river flow modeling
Y. Gauthier, L.-M. Paquet, A. Gonlazez, F. Hicks, R. Andrishak and M. Bernier

Session 4 - Ecology and Fish Habitat

Habitat use of Atlantic salmon parr (Salmo salar L.) during winter
E. Enders, M. Stickler, C. Pennell, D. Cote, K. Alfredsen and D. Scruton

Session 5 - Measurements and Monitoring II

CRREL’s Ice Jam Database and Website
P. Weyrick, K. White, S. Daly, M. Bullock and J. Gagnon
Observed Climate Variability Impacts on River Ice in the United States
K. White, A. Tuthill, C. Vuyovich and P. Weyrick

Session 6 - Modeling

Tests of Numerical Models of Ice Jams – Phase 3
R. Carson, J. Groeneveld, D. Healy, Y. She, J. Malenchak, M. Morris, J.-P. Saucet, T. Kolerski and H.T. Shen

Session 7 - Frazil Ice

Session 8 - Ice Jams: Risks, Impacts, and Mitigation

River Ice Breakup Strength Criteria
F. Nzokou, B. Morse, V. Roubtsova and T. Quach
Ice Jam Formation and Release Events on the Athabasca River, 2007
Y. She, F. Nzokou Tanekou, F. Hicks, B. Morse, D. Keller, J. Abarca, C. Krath, S. Nolin, E. Stander, R. Andrishak, C. Mahabir and M. Richard


Winter Ice Regime of the Lower Athabasca
J. Abarca, F. Hicks, R. Andrishak, D. Keller, C. Krath and P. Steffler
Abstract only
Physical characterization of air inclusions in river ice for the purpose of backscatter model
I. Gherboudji, M. Bernier, F. Hicks and R. Leconte
Abstract only
Remote sensing of river ice during the winter of 2006-07
S. Daly, B. Tracy and Y. Gauthier
Abstract only
Use of marine radar for real-time monitoring of river ice jams
B. Morse, F. Nzokou, M. Richard, D. Keller, C. Krath, S. Nolin and E. Stander
Abstract only
Evidence of living algae on a freshwater fluvial lake
P. Thibeault, J.-J. Frenette, J.-F. Lapierre and P. Hamilton
Abstract only