11th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers

Ottawa, Ontario - 2001



Session 1     Ice Processes


Observations of Ice-Cover and Openwater-Lead Formation along the Fort Peck Reach of the Missouri River

Robert Ettema and Leonard Zabilansky

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Le savoir ecologique local de la dynamique des glaces dans l’estuaire Portneuf

Brian Morse, Danielle Messier, Ed Stander and Quach-Thanh, T.

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Influence of Ice Cover on Sediment Temperature and Implications for Intertidal Benthic Invertebrates on a Bay of Fundy Mudflat

Valerie A. Partridge

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Calibration of Ice Growth Models for Bare and Snow Covered Conditions: A Summary of Experimental Data from a Small Prairie Pond

David D. Andres and P. Gary Van Der Vinne

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Laboratory Studies of Anchor Ice Growth Using a Digital Image Processing System

Michael P. Morris and J.C. Doering

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Frazil Size and Flow Turbulence

S.Q. Ye and J.C. Doering

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Session 2     Hydrology


Estimation of Winter Streamflow Using a Conceptual Hydrological Model: A Case Study, Wolf Creek, Yukon Territory

A.S. Hamilton, D.G. Hutchinson, R.D. Moore

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Modeling Snowmelt Runoff and the Effects of Climate Change in Central New York State

Jon E. Zufelt, Calvin J. Reed and John L. Weed

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Session 3     Ice Jam


Tests of River Ice Jam Models

R. W. Carson, D. Healy, D. Andres, F. Hicks, S. Beltaos, L.-W. Liu, J. Groeneveld, H.T. Shen

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Experimental Observations on Ice Jam Shoving

D. Healy and F. Hicks

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Predicting Ice Jams with Neural Networks

Darrell D. Massie, Kathleen D. White, Steven F. Daly and Amir Soofi

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Session 4     Ice Monitoring


Site experimental pour le suivi des embacles de congestion

Brian Morse, Benoite Ringo, Paul-Emile Bergeron

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Analyse des Techniques de Correction du Debit en Presence d’un Effet de Glace

T.B.M.J. Ouarda, D. Fraucher, P. Coulibaly, B. Bobee, J.-F. Cantin, and V.-D. Hoang

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Remote Monitoring of River Ice Jam Dynamics

C. Robichaud and F. Hicks

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Winter Flow Measurements at the Mackenzie River

Dapei Wang

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Identification of River Ice Types on the Peace River using RADARSAT-1 SAR Imagery

Frank Weber, Dan Nixon and Jeff Hurley

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Monitoring the ice cover evolution of a medium size river from RADARSAT-1 : preliminary results

Y. Gauthier, T.B.M.J. Ouarda, M. Bernier and A. El Battay

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Session 5     Ice Breakup


Field Study of Pre-Breakup River Waves

Spyros Beltaos and Robert Rowsell

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Integration of Ice Mechanical Properties for the Modelling of a Winter Dam Break Wave in a Series of Dams in Cascade

Musandji Fuamba, Claude Marche and Tung Quach

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Experiences of the Spring Break-up 2000 on the River Kalajoki

Mikko Huokuna, Heikki Nikkarikoski and Heikki Savolainen

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Simple Wave and Monoclinal Waave Models of Unsteady River Flow Surges

M.G. Ferrick

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Session 6     Ice Structure


Bearing Capacity of Floating Ice covers: Theory versus Fact

Spyros Beltaos

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Poussees Statiques des glaces

D. Carter, E. Stander, O. Caron, J.P. Tournier, C. Pek

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Estimating Forces on an Ice Control Structure Using DEM

Steven F. Daly and Mark A. Hopkins

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Maximum Waterlevels Upstream of an Ice-Control Structure

James H. Lever and Steven F. Daly

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Dynamic Simulation of Ice Condition In the Vicinity of Locks and Dams

Lianwu Liu, Andrew M. Tuthill and Hung Tao Shen

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Ice Booms in Rivers: Lessons Learned and the Development of Reliable Solutions

Razek Abdelnour

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