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Proceedings of the 20th Workshop on the Hydraulics of Ice Covered Rivers (2019)

Ottawa, Ontario
Denotes a student paper or poster competition participant.

Session 1: Anchor Ice

Swath bathymetry measurements of in-situ anchor ice in the Peace River
Joel Evans, Martin Jasek, and Kerry Paslawski
In-situ measurements of anchor-ice formation and release
Tadros Ghobrial, Vincent McFarlane, and Mark Loewen
Anchor-Ice-Related Flooding along Flat Creek, Jackson, Wyoming: Insights from a Stream in Mountainous Terrain
Edward Kempema, Kengo Osada, Brian Remlinger, and Robert Ettema

Session 2: Ice jams and other cool stuff

Field Measurements of Supercooling in the North Saskatchewan River
Hayden Kalke, Vincent McFarlane, Tadros R. Ghobrial, and Mark R. Loewen
Brantford 2018 Ice Jam
Fuad Curi, Dwight Boyd, Rick Carson, and Gus Rungis
Mississippi River Ice Bite
Jeremy Giovando and Steven Daly
Ice Management of the Beauharnois Canal with Redesigned Ice Booms
Elie Abdelnour, Razek Abdelnour, and Luc Pelletier

Session 3: Numerical modelling

Stress-resistance Approach to Assess the Ice-jam Flood Risk
Simon Nolin, Pierre Pelletier, and François Groux
Numerical Simulation of Ice Dynamics on the St. Lawrence River at Montreal
T. Browne, I. Vouk, A. Cornett, D. Watson, E. Murphy, and M. Sayed
Numerical Simulation of the Ice Processes in the Lower Churchill River, NL, Canada
Soheil Ghareh Aghaji Zare, Joe Groeneveld, Clyde McLean, and Evan Porter

Session 4: Numerical modelling

Anecdotal and analytical review of 1875 Ice Jam on the Athabasca River, AB
Soheil Ghareh Aghaji Zare, Joe Groeneveld, David Andres, and Abdullah Mamoon
Estimation of Break-up Water Levels in Athabasca River at Fort McMurray, AB, Canada
Soheil Ghareh Aghaji Zare, Joe Groeneveld, David Andres, and Abdullah Mamoon
A fully Lagrangian mesh-free numerical model for river ice dynamic
Rubens Augusto Amaro Junior, Andrea Mellado-Cusicahua, Ahmad Shakibaeinia, and Liang-Yee Cheng

Session 5: Student presentations

Working towards optical remote sensing of pan-Arctic river and lake ice
Wayana Dolan, Xiao Yang, Shuai Zhang, and Tamlin Pavelsky
Numerical Modeling of Secondary Flow in a Covered Channel Bend for Different Water Depths Using LRR Turbulence Model
Samaneh Ebrahimi, Majid Mohammadian, and Colin Rennie
Laboratory Investigation of Void Seepage and Flow under Simulated Ice Jams
Andrew Murray, Ebenezer Essel, and Karen Dow
Variogram-based sensitivity analyses of a river ice model
Fan Zhang, Nhu Do, Saman Razavi, and Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt
Application of a Fast Superpixel Segmentation Algorithm in River Ice Classification
Saber Ansari, Colin D. Rennie, Shawn P. Clark, and Ousmane Seidou
Hydro-meteorological pattern recognition of ice jams
Fatemehalsadat Madaeni, Rachid Lhissou, Karem Chokmani, and Serge Légaré
Two-Dimensional Modelling of Freeze-Up Conditions near Jenpeg Generating Station
Kevin Lees, Shawn Clark, Jarrod Malenchak, and Paul Chanel
Evaluating Criteria for Mechanical Breakup Initiation Using Field Data
Yanqi Ye and Yuntong She
Predicting rate of water-level rise of ice-jam flood
Apurba Das and Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt
Modeling overbank flows during ice-jam flood events on the Lower Red River
Brandon Williams, Bin Luo and Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt
Comparative Analysis of River Ice Mapping Tools from Satellite Radar Data
Valérie Plante Lévesque, Yves Gauthier, Simon Tolszczuk-Leclerc, Joost Van der Sanden, Hugo Drouin, Karem Chokmani, and Monique Bernier
Temporal and Spatial Variations of River Ice Breakup Timing across Canada
Yuzhuang Chen and Yuntong She
Thermal regime in the North Saskatchewan River: multi-year field data and modelling
Rhodri Howley, Tadros Ghobrial, and Yuntong She

Session 6: Ice jam forecasting

An Introduction to Canada’s RADARSAT Constellation Mission
Joost van der Sanden, Torsten Geldsetzer, and Hugo Drouin
Oral presentation only
Towards improved real-time forecasting of river ice breakup
Prabin Rokaya, Luis Morales-Marin, and Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt
Development and Application of an Ice-Jam Flood Risk Tool
Joe Groeneveld, S. T. Lavender, and Jason K. E. Shaw

Session 7: Eco-cryology

The Impact of Climate Change on Breakup Ice Jams in Canada: State of knowledge and research approaches
Benoit Turcotte, Brian Burrell, Spyros Beltaos, and Yuntong She
Effects and Implications of River Ice Breakup on Suspended-Sediment Concentrations : a synthesis
Brian C. Burrell and Spyros Beltaos
Variation in discharge data and correction routines at the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, Norway
Mads-Peter Jakob Dahl, Trine Lise Sørensen, Eydis Dalen, and Leif Johnny Bogetveit
A River Ice Database from Water Survey of Canada Hydrometric Archives
Laurent de Rham, Yonas Dibike, Terry Prowse, and Spyros Beltaos

Session 8: Posters and Exhibitors

Proposal for a National Ice Jam Database Model
Philippe Muise, Simon Tolszczuk-Leclerc, and Yves Gauthier
Mapping of river channels prone to ice jam formation
Rachid Lhissou, Karem Chokmani, Dominic Theriault, Sébastien Raymond, Yves Gauthier, and Serge Légaré
A stochastic framework for ensemble ice-jam flood modelling
Karl-Erich Lindenschmidt, Prabin Rokaya, Apurba Das
Ice processes on the Chaudière River, Quebec, Canada (2018; 2019)
Jean-Robert Ladouceur, Gabriel Pelchat, and Brian Morse
In-situ ice jam characterization by unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
Marc-Antoine Persent, Karem Chokmani, and Rachid Lhissou
Peace River Break-up and Peace-Athabasca Delta Flooding Flowchart
Martin Jasek
Investigation of Ice Thickness and Ice Jam Occurrence on the Lower Red River
Morgann Becket, Karen Dow, Shawn Clark, and Chris Propp
The Investigation of Ice Damming at Sundance Rapids
Brittany Peters, Randula Senarathbandara, Masoud Asadzadeh, Karen Dow, and Jarrod Malenchak
Laboratory and Numerical Study of Turbulent Flow in Open Channels with Partial Ice Cover
Ebenezer E. Essel, Baafour Nyantekyi-Kwakye, Karen Dow, Mark F. Tachie, and Shawn P. Clark
Generation of Frazil Ice in Large-Scale Laboratory Experiments
Martin Richard, Louis Poirier, and John Marquardt
River Stage Monitoring During Breakup Using an Oblique Laser
Crane Johnson, Scott Lindsey, and Andy Dixon
Estimating ice breakup induced forces on bridges in small steep rivers
Einar Albert Rødtang, Knut Alfredsen, Knut Høyland, and Leif Lia
Influence of tensile cracking on predicted ice loads on dams
Ekaterina Kharik and Brian Morse
Winter hydro-cryo-dynamics of the hypertidal Koksoak River Estuary
Abdolvahid Mohammadian and Brian Morse
Impacts of ice in river habitat restoration
Knut Alfredsen
Is the Sea King the most expensive way to break ice?
Thomas Simard-Robitaille and Brian Morse
Winter Q Measurements with Salt and Rhodamine WT compared to Current Meter and SxS
Mads-Peter Jakob Dahl, Heidi Torgenrud Ryen, Knut Magne Møen, Trine Lise Sørensen, Frode Thorset Kvernhaugen, Morten Nordahl Due, Trond Reitan, Jón Ottó Gunnarsson, and Gunnar Sigurðsson
Ice Roughness Estimation via Drone Photogrammetry
James K. Ehrman
Neutral Buoyancy of Porous Ice
Jeff Wong
Simulation of the Heilongjiang River ice thickness using system dynamics model
Ruofei Xing, Slobodan P. Simonovic, and Zhenchun Hao
NuPoint Systems Inc.
Tony Herunter and Wayne Carlson
Hoskin Scientific
Scott Brown

Session 9: Peace River

Regulation effects on spring breakup flows of Lower Peace River
Spyros Beltaos and Daniel Peters
Freeze-up on the lower Peace River 2015-2017: Processes, anomalies, and implications for breakup
Stefan Emmer, Jennifer Nafziger, Nadia Kovachis Watson, and Bernard Trevor
An Emerging Picture of Peace River Break-up Types that Influence Ice Jam Flooding of the Peace-Athabasca Delta, Part 1: The 2018 Peace River Break-up
Martin Jasek
An Emerging Picture of Peace River Break-up Types that Influence Ice Jam Flooding of the Peace-Athabasca Delta, Part 2: Insights from the comparison of the 2014 and 2018 Break-ups
Martin Jasek